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Welcome to the Hard Rock Hell Yorkshire Chapter. 

Hard Rock Hell is entering it's 6th year and as veteran or total newcomer you are welcome to come and join the fun at the Yorkshire branch of the Hard Rock Hell family. Join the ranks via Facebook and come along to our get togethers for a drink, to catch a show or simply to meet people who enjoy the best music in the world. Learn more about the Hard Rock Hell festival and become part of  its growing legion of followers.

The Hard Rock Hell brand includes Hammerfest for the slightly heavier taste and Hard Rock Hell Ibiza for those who prefer to rock out by the beach.

Hard Rock Hell VI. 3rd Press Release.

Welcome to Hard Rock Hell - Fistful of Rock. 

Well it aint Monday, actually its Friday but since were on a roll and rooms are dropping like a politicians trousers...were off announcing again

We promised another Southern Legend and here they are..pioneers of Southern Rock...the legendary Molly Hatchet, personal favourites and guaranteed to deliver some Classics along with a very powerful southern stage to date.

Joining the Electric Boys in my Saturday afternoon Glam n Sleeze affair are LA Guns ( the Lewis / Riley edition)..with a new album on its way and a great selection of classics to choose from, this fits in nicely.

Lastly, kicking off the Friday special sounds stage, we have an Australian addition, from Classic Rockers..Electric Marys...we just love the sound and it fits right into the crux of of that Friday agenda

Someting to chew n research over the weekend, hope you feel it as much as we do

Posted on 24th Feb 2012.

Airbourne. Hard Rock Hell IV

Airbourne at Hard Rock Hell IV 

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Barry Sparks and Vinnie Moore of UFO at Hard Rock Hell IV. 


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